January 3, 2017

Lead Generation

We help you develop leads from prospects who are 35-55 years of age, own their own home in a suburban neighbourhood, own two vehicles, and have 2 children.

They are actively involved in one or more social platforms, are active users of mobile devices, carry a COSTCO card, and have credit scores ranging from 640.

67% of them don’t read the newspaper.

We help you reach them – at home, work, and while shopping.

We’ll author and publish your marketing content (with your editorial and licensing approval), and deliver this content via social media, scored-interaction email, and even text messaging, so that you’ll educate new prospects, build in-market recognition and authority, and gain new referrals.

Finally, we’ll educate and nurture ‘on the fence’ prospects toward finally making the call – while helping you identify who in fact the prospects are (so that you can intercept the call).

Your program is highly customized, and market exclusive.

mautic is open source marketing automation