June 9, 2016


Like any trusted business partner, we value our relationship and the importance of protecting privacy.

It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously.

We do not share data with non-related entities.  Unless required or compelled to do so by law or court order, usage/meta statistics by visitors to our sites, or web-use statistics are not shared with any agency or person not connected with Splash Financial, Stratum Five Inc., Caffeine Group, or our affiliates or suppliers.

We do not divulge client lists or publish case studies with client names.  We do not sell or recycle prospect information – whether the data is provided by our clients, or acquired by web or other methods.

We use cookies. To facilitate transactions, a cookie is used during each transaction.

We promote. We may contact site visitors, prospective catering customers, caterers, or those who have submitted contact information, for the purposes of introducing new products or services, promotions, ascertain customer satisfaction, conduct market research, and other communications related to market offerings and activities of the company, our clients, or our affiliates.

We distribute. Due to the nature of our business, it is necessary to receive, process and transmit customer-related names and data, for the purposes of customer service and market-qualification.

We comply with all terms of the PIPEDA act and Bill C28/CASL (Canada), and the CAN-SPAM act.

We take commercially reasonable steps to safeguard data. 

If you suspect that you may be in our database, and wish to be removed, please contact us via email, or respond to one of our emails (or simply hit “unsubscribe” for immediate removal).

If you have deeper concerns, contact our Chief Privacy Officer directly via email, or via telephone: 403.796.5172.